Monday, July 27, 2009


And so I begin my endevours in the big-wide-world of blogging.

My aim for this blog is to be my 'photography blog' in a sense, [a "phlog"? Mmm, no..]
I aim to regularly update this blog, perhaps weekly or, with photos that I have taken, namely stand-out photos (I hope).

To kick it all off I'll start with this photo:

I met this gorgeous little boy in Fiji while I was volunteering at a women's refuge in September '08. It was afternoon tea time, and I was photographing one of the ladies cutting up some kasava when I turned to my right to see this gorgeous little face peering over the railings at me in the most perfect lighting, and I was lucky enough to capture this moment. Isn't he just a treasure =)

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  1. anyway! good to see you have a blog! I look forward to reading it!


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